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Why do you need to see a general practitioner?

What would you do if something bothers you, whenever it is a chest pain or digestion problems? Would you go directly to a specialist like a cardiologists or gastroenterologist? That might sound like a good plan - you know which part of your body is unwell and you pick a doctor specializing in that part. However, things are not as simple as you think. A same symptom might be caused by different problems, and what you consider to be a heart problem could really be a lung problem and your visit to cardiologist will be useless.

A general practitioner would be a smarter solution if you experience a health problem. A general practitioner has more holistic approach. Unlike a specialist, she will consider multiple possibilities for a source of your ailment, she will prescribe you a broader range of tests, and after seeing a wider picture of what’s going on with your body, she will refer you to a right specialist if needed.

When it comes to your health, time is a precious resource. So you might assume that going directly to a specialist will save you time. However, there is a good chance that you will not be able to correctly identify a specialist you need. If you have a serious condition, it might progress, while you are visiting one incorrect specialist after another. A general practitioner will help you to avoid this mistake.